Small town calm amidst the big city bustle

Kristiine City is a homely environment which lives according to your rhythm. The living environment is at a constant renewal where there is a place for everyone - engaging in sport activities, strolling with your four-legged friends or enjoying a bicycle ride while the children can play at ease in full safety. It is a place that offers everything that is necessary for a peaceful and wholesome life, creating a genuine garden city feeling where life is blooming. Life here is as natural and comfortable as it should be.

  • Schools and kindergartens
  • Green recreation areas
  • Shopping and leisure
  • Active lifestyle
  • Transportation
Kristiine City offers a family-friendly environment. The close proximity to several kindergartens and schools favour commuting by foot and healthy lifestyle choices from an early age.
Kristiine district is known for its versatile lush areas. This is the perfect region for those who appreciate a peaceful environment, wide-ranging health tracks, green parks and exciting playgrounds. Something for everyone.
A local grocery store and nearest shopping mall are but a short walking distance away, bringing everything necessary for comfortable living straight to your doorstep. The neighbourhood also houses several places to eat and engage in fun leisurely activities which offer adventures for every day and type of weather.
Healthy body, healthy mind. A highly-praised tennis centre, various gyms, a recognised riding school and health tracks are all just a short walking distance away.
Kristiine City is located in a logistically smooth area where it is possible to take off into each direction of the city or why not out of town for the weekend. It takes a mere 10 minutes to get to downtown as well as the major bus station and airport.
Hispaania Maja

Weis Resto



Tondi Resto

Tildri minimets

Tondimõisa park

Sõjakooli park

Kristiine Lasteaed

Tallinna Ühisgümnaasium

Audentese spordiklubi


Golden Club

Järve Terviserada

Kristiine keskus

Tallinna Magdaleena Lasteaed

Tallinna Kristiine Gümnaasium

Tondi Ratsaspordiklubi

Tallinna Tervishoiu Kõrgkool

Räägu park

Tondi Selver


Tallinna Haraka lasteaed

Forus Spordikeskus

Tennise keskus ja spordiklubi

Audentese Erakool

Erakool ja spordiklubi

Kristiine City - historic charm, modern comfort

Uus-Kindrali brings a dynamic vitality to the small town spirit of Kristiine City. Nearby playgrounds and health tracks invite you to spend your free time actively in the fresh air. It is a meeting point where nature and an active lifestyle go side-by-side, creating ideal grounds for everyday well-being.

All the essentials a few steps away

Kristiine City with its exciting history is away from any heavy downtown traffic and bustle, but close enough to the heart of the city. The private and garden city mannered Kristiine City offers easy access to move around with ease.


Tallinn Haraka Kindergarten – 8 min
Tondi train stop – 14 min
Järve health track – 14 min
Tondimõisa park and dog walking park – 15 min
Räägu park – 20 min


Downtown – 5 min
Old Town – 10 min
Kristiine Centre – 6 min
Bus Station – 9 min
Airport – 10 min
Port – 15 min

Kristiine City

“Kristiine City is a versatile and exciting living environment in the midst of the city where it is truly comfortable to get anywhere around town - by foot, bicycle, car or public transportation,” Indrek Tiigi, Allianss Arhitektid

Kristiine City