Details that create a life of comfort

About the project

The pleasures of a playground, greenery providing a space for rest and peaceful sitting nooks create a harmonious backdrop for a life well lived. Every day brings new opportunities for discovery, play and togetherness.

Whether you prefer a minimalist lifestyle or a spacious family space, Uus-Kindrali homes offer a flexible range of economical studio apartments to capacious 5-room family homes.

The 1st floor studio apartments with a separate entrance are created for residents who are looking for privacy and a sense of individuality. A calming outdoor area is at the footstep of your door where you can catch a breath of fresh air and relax.

Most of the the homes greet you with a balcony or loggia, offering several possibilities to execute the space - a working corner or a spot to entertain friends and family. Why not even create a balcony garden with flowers and herbs.

The sauna is an ideal hub of relaxation where worries fade. That is why larger apartments have saunas - to have a special place waiting to recharge you from the mundane bustle.

Each penthouse is equipped with a personal cooling system, ensuring an optimal temperature throughout each season.

The joy of movement and a bicycle-friendly lifestyle is supported by comfortable solutions, including convenient parking spaces and safe storage units for bicycles and strollers.

Enjoy a stress-free parking experience thanks to a partially underground parking house located right underneath the apartment buildings. Your vehicle is safe and only a few steps away from your front door. Electric car owners have the option of requesting a personal charger.

Basking in a peaceful life. Uus-Kindrali homes provide flexible home options from economical studio apartments to spacious 5-room family homes.


A meeting point of history and the modern day

Kristiine City is a place where historical character meets modern architecture. You may recognise this location for its characteristic red brick barrack buildings. We aim to preserve this unique charm, balancing it with a modern note and a mindset supporting the closeness of nature.


The naturally beautiful and versatile landscape which today bears the name of Kristiine City was a meadow during the Middle Ages. In the 17th century the mayor of Tallinn, also a land owner, merchant and member of the Brotherhood of Blackhead, Jobst Dunte, established a summer mansion at the end of Tondi street. Later on, in the beginning of 20th century, Peter the Great’s sea fortresses were established on this very spot which today is recognised for the already familiar barracks. We have brought an urban atmosphere into this historically rich area and it has developed into an appreciated living environment that greets with a friendly small town rhythm.


Uus-Kindrali is an architectural dedication to a modern city individual.