A home inspired by sunshine. White terrazzo-like tile reflects light into the living area with natural oak floors. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a bright balcony, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.


A home with a mellow atmosphere, with light parquet and carpets in broken shades, paintings with organic design and soft textile. Why not play with a few colours and, of course, add a lot of greenery. This home has texture, like for example, the pattern of the washroom tile, which is inspired by modern industrial aesthetics. This is the home where you will be able to spend the best moments of your life.


A home for the true urbanist. The tonality of the bathroom tiles brings out the timeless charm of concrete. Textile with plant pattern and brightly coloured accessories can be added to bring jungle vibes into the room. The wooden floor of the living area adds warmth and gently complements the urban jungle, your new home.


Smooth and relaxing, yet stylish home. The bathrooms have dark concrete or playful “salt and pepper” tile reminiscent of historic Venetian Terrazzo. As for the parquet, you can choose between light and dark, both of which are stylish. This is the home for people who dare to be confident in their choices.

Galina Burnakova

The Kindrali Houses have a unique location in the greenery in the middle of an urban environment. This pleasant contradiction also inspired the interior design of the houses. The richness of the surrounding landscaping, together with the materials and their clear lines, help create a town house in the garden city.

The selected modern proportions have a timeless effect and age with dignity, creating a modern interior that will last.